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Conversation Between JavaPF and javapenguin

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  1. Are you mad at me or was I accidentally removed from your Friend List during the Forum Upgrade?
  2. How would you get a GUI to play a song from your Media Player? I image that I could use AudioClip or something...but how do you use getResources() correctly so that it can work if made into a jar file used on other computers? I don't know where to save the stuff so that'll work.

    Right now, for something else that uses getResources()....getClass.getResources(file) is apparently returning null.

    I put the file under the same path name as the package but it's still null.

    If I enter the full path...the image...I'm using an image right now, but this should apply to my other question as well....it worked. But how do you find the stuff if it's gonna be put in a jar file later on and sent to other computers?
  3. Stugroblur too. And
  4. vijaygarg_infogain, magaret, Garybtaylor, redgarsullivanv38 , drogarehab, PelsBleaf
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. Thanks for reporting that.
  7. You need to understand that the moderators time on these forums are very tight. Although we do our best to answer as many threads as possible, sometimes the more complicated or code heavy threads get put aside simply because of the extra time they require. By posting multiple indepth threads, we are never going to be able to keep on top of them. This is why the simplier, smaller threads get answered a lot quicker. No one is ignoring you on purpose. Not only do we have to attempt to answer all these threads but there is also the job of moderating the forums. This alone takes up valuable time. Please also consider the fact that the forums are a hobby. We all have day jobs and other personal projects to work on. When the weekend comes, most of us like to unwind away from the forums. I know it seems that asking a moderator is the best way to get a solid answer but we ourselves rely heavily on other members to contribute. I appreciate your loyalty and contributions to the forums but if you feel there is another forum where you will get help quicker, please also try there. I have no problem with that. Just please link back to the cross post
  8. ?? Im confused ?? Please PM me..
  9. use the [ noparse] [ /noparse] tags. Obviousally remove the space. [ noparse][ highlight=Java] [ /highlight][ /noparse]

    Then you can do: [highlight=Java] [/highlight]

  10. Please PM me the links and I will take a look as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the slow replies. As the project gets larger, it needs more time to look at and time is a rare thing for me at the moment!!
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