I'm studying for the security+ exam so I'm trying to incorporate java oop into that by thinking about how I would make programs more secure. I'm thinking about how if I wrote a network application in java that took input from the web, how I would insure against anyone injecting sql code or causing a buffer overflow vulnerability to be exploited. Is there unit testing that incorporates secure unit testing?

Anyway to introduce myself I am a long time student of java and oop and I'm planning to enroll in an IT course online that will give me some interactive learning and assignments that will get me beyond beginning java and hopefully my java certification. I'm working on a hobby program for fun. It measures reaction time in milliseconds using a mousepressed event. I might collect data for statistics on correllations such as how drinking a cup of coffee may affect reaction time or how 5 hours of sleep may affect it etc. It might be cool to have the application automatically do hypothesis testing and tell me when there is a rejection of a null hypothesis. Anyway, my dog is hungry so I better feed her, she's a real dog not a virtual dog. Hmmm what would a virtual dog eat? Probably everything.