Hello there... good people from the java programming community!

Obviously I am new here. As info about myself...well....I am retired but like programming for fun (I did that professionally working for an Oil Service company which will remain unnamed, for 30 years ... so guess how old I am! ). My background is Engineering (Electrical to be exact), so...I love programming that involved lots of math. At college I was introduced to programming in an IBM 360 and Fortran. Now you REALLY know how old I am! Ha ha! Did programming in assembly language and Machine code (M6800, Z80) then at work DBASE III and IV, then Pascal, then C && Borland C++, then Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#.NET and for the last two years JAVA (Netbeans in Windows)

Yeah, well ... retired but working (alone) on a couple of fun projects using Java and OpenGL (jogamp) ... and I was hoping someone here, similarly minded, would like to join me in these projects. (more info when you contact me). It is great to exchange ideas with others!

Have a great life everyone!