Hello, everybody.

I'm a professional software developer, but I don't use Java for my developments. Therefore, I don't need help with Java, and I can't help someone with a Java-related problem, so, what am I doing here?

With the advent of the web and the smartphones, my customers wanted programs with the interfaces that go with it. Therefore, I opted for web technologies, in order to write single-page web applications, but also desktop and even mobile applications. But I didn't want to use JavaScript, so I created a system that allows me to develop single-page web applications without having to write a single line of JavaScript. And since I'm probably not the only developer who wants to use web technologies without JavaScript, I adapted this system for several languages, including Java.

And so here I am, because of the Java version of the Atlas toolkit, whose goal is to allow the development of single-page web applications in HTML/CSS and Java, but without JavaScript. I tried to make this toolkit as light and easy to use as possible, but it is certainly possible to improve it, so remarks/comments/suggestions are very welcome.

This toolkit is open source, and the source code and everything you need to use it can be found here:


I hope you will it find useful…