Hi all,

I started learning Java about 3 weeks ago. It's for about that long also I have found my rhythm and learning style. I got to a point where I positively can say that my goal to code confidently will be in about 3 months time. This of course by taking into account that I daily practice 8 hours, giving me in total about 500 hours. The hardest at the beginning was finding the right learning materials. I browsed through many books and watched video tutorials. The later only if I get stuck or don't understand something right away. I am working now with the following books in parallel and as reference. "Learn Java in one day and learn it well". The chapters and listings about Object Oriented Programming are the most understandable. "Think Java" is the best, but is not geared towards OOP. "Lern Java the easy way" is covering a lot of different platforms. "Java 8 Pocket Guide" and "Java Quick Syntax Reference" is what they are. References. Last but not least, my favourite, "Learning Java with games", a very new book from Chong-wei Xu. I love this one. But it covers a lot in a short time. That's why with the help of all the other books makes it easier. My learning style has changed from just reading and trying to understand, to work intensively with each code and print it out. I trace program flow on paper and make notes about every single little detail. So far I love everything about Java. In the past I looked into other languages but never really got into it. But I am working on a project which I want to digitize as Android App. That's why I chose Java first and later will get started with Android Developments. Books are chosen already. So hopefully in about 6 months I can start coding my Android app.

About myself, I am a 50 year old applications specialist with graphic design and marketing background. Fine arts, Animation and Game Design are my hobbies since at the same time when I started with home computers back in the 80's. The only serious programming was translating game listings for the Commodore 64 to the Texas Instruments 99/4A in Basic.

I came here and also subscribed to other forums to become part of the community, asking and also giving advice regards everything computing, but especially Java.

Looking forward to meet some of you.

Best regards