HI there, I'm a beginner with Java, and have come here to see if I can get some help on certain areas where I am having trouble. I studied Java for about a year at the University of South Florida, but did not follow up on fleshing that knowledge out, since I hail from the other side of the brain wherein literature, philosophy, and art set the tone. Nonetheless, over the years I have come to develop some ideas that I believe would map really well to a programmatic environment, and so, here I am (the new guy with an idea and without a functional way of implementing it lol): I spent the Winter rehashing what I had learned ten years ago in Java, re-familiarized myself with the basic syntax, variables, and how Object-Oriented class structure is implemented in Java. I have a working understanding of the very basics of Java, and am familiar with basic data structures like linked lists and deques and such, but up until a couple months ago, I had never actually written a real, living Java program. So I am very new to this, and need help. Right now I'm focusing on the Networking library, so I'm going to have a lot of questions lol. Specifically, (though I'm sure this is more appropriate elsewhere), I'm looking to find out how to incorporate dictionary searches from another language, implimenting a dictionary from another language and searching through acrostic patterns in text.