Hello everyone, my name is Ricky and I am currently a beginner Java programmer. Before starting Java, I was currently doing C++ for a intro to computer science class (just basic), however, it did not go well for me so I stopped and dropped the class (don't ask why, it's complicated, I mean, C++ wasn't hard, but I couldn't really continue so I had to stop), so now I have returned to coding and now I am self learning Java on my own. So far, I have watched an entire java tutorial beginner playlist on Youtube and have recently finished, now I am practicing coding from beginners exercises/problems online (I can't seem to find a good book on Java coding projects for beginners so my only hope is looking at random sites for beginners code practices). I have joined this site so that you experienced Java programmers out there can help to see if I am coding the right way and to hopefully become proficient at it.