Hi there everyone. My screen name is Callous Love. I'm a large video gamer and have always been interested in coding. Mainly in the Java language as the game I have played(MMORPG) over the last 9-10 years is created in Java. You may know the game I am playing.

Well I want to learn Java for a few reasons.

1)For fun. To changeling myself and create some fun interesting applications/games.
2)Life experince.
3)Job opportunities

I hope that this community can help me through my journey to becoming a brand new Java Programmer!

A little bit of a background on me as a person.

I am a 18 Canadian residing in Quebec. My first language is English,Second is French, and Third is German. I'm not very good in my second or third languages but I am getting better as I practice and learn. I'm currently employed and do not plan to attend college. I instead plan to attend a trade school for a trade I am or may be interested in. I currently live with my friend and his GF in a fairly large apartment filled with electronics.

I enjoy many different things but computers and programming are some of my favorite. Website creation is also quite fun!

Hope you all got to know a bit about me!