Hey Guys & Girls!

My Name is Andrew AKA Vampire Knight or VK. I am 25, live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I am a Client Liaison Officer to the Chief Executive Officer of a huge mobile telecommunications company in our country. <Mouthful i know> I deal with Executive customer complaints via inbound calls as well as face to face customer service.

I have been interested in programming since the age of 6, thanks to my brother who is a COBOL developer for one of the banks. Dabbling in many languages, trying to teach myself etc. has not really worked out for me, as in school we were taught Delphi. I have since been trying to expand my horizon in regards with Delphi, but I find Java a very interesting challenge.

After all the years I finally decided to join a forum of programmers, google'd it and found this site. Reading here and there it seems to me that this community is the one I was searching for, registered and posted my first thread.

I am hoping to one day also be one of the guru's on this site who would be able to assist green java junkies.

Other information on myself would be that I am post Military, I am an active athlete and a musician in my free time. If you have a question about me, by all means, I have nothing to hide!!!