Hello everyone!
My name is Anatoliy, I'm from Ukraine. I've been learning Java since July 2012. And I find it wonderful. Programming with Java and the concept of OOP have changed my life, my style of thinking. I love it greatly.
It seems, that I have no acquaintances that are interested in IT and programming like me. That's why I'm interested in communication on various forums like this one. I hope I'll be able to share my knowledge with others, learn something new here, and, of course, have a nice time.
Also, I'm looking for some particular sphere of software development to be interested with. Currently, I'm studying game development on Java (I'm using jMonkeyEngine, which seems to be pretty convenient for me), but have absolutely no idea of what game should I write (it has become a tradition for me to learn new concepts and APIs by writing my own working application which uses them). So I also hope to find some inspiration on the pages of this forum.
Anyway, nice to meet you all! ^_^