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Thread: JAVA Beginner needs help

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    Default JAVA Beginner needs help

    I am in my first online Java programming class and I am trying to write a program with classes and I can't seem to see what I am missing when I tried to write a small section just so I could figure out how to call the class and I keep getting an error. I have copied the small part that I have written below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    import java.text.NumberFormat;

    public class Chapter7Prog1RandyHaupert

    public static void main (String [] args)


    int quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies;
    double totalamount = 0;

    String input = JOptionPane.showInputDialog (null, "How many quaters do you have. " );
    quarters = Integer.parseInt (input);

    quarters = Coins.getQuarters (dimes);



    import java.text.DecimalFormat;

    public class Coins

    public final DecimalFormat MONEY = new DecimalFormat( "$#,##0.00" );

    public Coins( int newQuarters, int newDimes, int newNickels, int newPennies )

    setQuarters( newQuarters );
    setDimes( newDimes );
    setNickels( newNickels );
    setPennies( newPennies );
    /** getQuarters method
    * @return number of dimes
    public int getQuarters( )
    if (Quarters == 0)
    System.out.print ("You have no quarters.\n" );
    return Quarters;



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    Default Re: JAVA Beginner needs help

    Welcome to the forums, rhaupert! Make sure to read the rules.

    Firstly, this forum is for introducing yourself only; if you have program issues, be sure to post in the correct subforum (in this case, I think What's Wrong With My Code would be most appropriate).

    Secondly, make sure to surround you code in highlight tags, like this:
    [highlight=Java]//your code here[/highlight]

    Finally, what is your problem? You never say what your code is supposed to do nor what your problem is... Are you getting errors (if so, post them), or is the code not doing what you want it to?
    Use highlight tags to help others help you!

    [highlight=Java]Your prettily formatted code goes here[/highlight]

    Using these tags makes your code formatted, and helps everyone answer your questions more easily!

    Wanna hear something funny?

    Me too.

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