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Thread: Flipping a coin

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    Default Flipping a coin

    So I am in a CIS 111 course and I cannot figure out how to do this program. I am at the point now where I can read java and understand exactly what the program will do but still being able to think of what class/methods to call still boggles my mind. What I am trying to do in this program is this.

    1. Flip the coin 100 times
    2. I want it to keep track of the highest amount of heads flips in a row.
    3. I want it to keep track of the highest amount of tails flips in a row.

    at the end of the program I want it to print out the highest amount of heads flips in a row and tails flips in a row. I'm honestly not sure how to achieve this with the program I currently have altered. I could really use some help here and I figure someone here could help a noobie out .
    public class Runs
    public static void main (String[] args)
    final int FLIPS = 100; // number of coin flips
    int currentRun = 0; // length of the current run of HEADS
    int currentRunTails = 1;
    int maxRunTails = 1;
    int maxRunHeads = 0; // length of the maximum run so far
    int lastflip; // I need the last flip before current flip then set current flip equal to last flip.
    int currentflip;
    // Create a coin object
    Coin myCoin = new Coin(); // creates coin object
    // Flip the coin FLIPS times
    for (int i = 0; i <= FLIPS; i++) //
    // Flip the coin & print the result
    currentflip = ;
    lastflip = currentflip;
    // Update the run information
    if (myCoin.getFace() == 0)
    // currentRunTails++; // If we keep getting heads in a row it will add 1 to each time before we got heads.
    if (currentRun > maxRunHeads)
    maxRunHeads = currentRun;
    // currentRun = 0;
    }//ends the if
    else //we just threw a TAILS
    if (currentRunTails > maxRunTails)
    maxRunTails = currentRunTails;
    }//ends the for
    // Print the results
    System.out.println("The highest amount of HEADS in a row we have gotten is: " + maxRunHeads);
    System.out.println("The highest amount of TAILS in a row we have gotten is: " + maxRunTails);
    }//ends the main
    }// ends the runs class
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    Default Re: Flipping a coin

    Write out how you would do this "by hand" without worrying about code at all. Pretend you're giving directions to somebody who has no idea how to count the highest number of coin flips. Be as specific and exact as possible. When you have that written out, it shouldn't be too hard to convert to code.

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    Default Re: Flipping a coin

    In a bunch of your code, your actual code is inside //. Fix that might help out

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