New product for java/oracle developers announcement.
Oracle-magpie makes using oracle stored procedures in java simple. It is a class library for calling oracle pl/sql stored procedures and oracle object type methods in easy transparent way. It enables java programs to define mappings of java interface methods to oracle package or object type procedures and automatically use the interface in remote method invocation style. Arguments marshaling is performed automatically based on declarative java to oracle type mappings. It is possible to define simple scalar type mappings and java class to oracle object type mappings. Collections are supported too. Also the library allows to implement java class methods as pl/sql stored procedures with object state preserving through invocations. For more details, see documentation and tutorial samples.
The library is freeware and distributed under the LGPL license. The license allows any use (including commercial)
as linked .jar library. Copyleft restrictions constraint only derived products.

For more details and download visit:
Oracle-magpie project homepage