Does anyone know what's wrong here?
If setting the ORA v$program variable to a specific value i.e. "MY_PROGRAM_NAME"

The "JDBC Thin Client" value is always stored not the predefined one from the Java Properties.
Does anyone know the right solution?
Thank you.

Oracle version used is 11g.

Driver dr = new oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver();
Properties props = new Properties();
props.put("user", "webuser");
props.put("password", "webuser");
props.put("v$session.osuser", System.getProperty("").toString());
props.put("v$session.machine", "Abc="+InetAddress.getLocalHost().getCanonicalHost Name());
props.put("v$program", "MY_PROGRAM_NAME");

Connection connection = dr.connect(jdbcUrl, props);