Hi friends...

We are in the process of testing oracle driver using jdbc cts-1.3.1.

The software installed are

OS : Windows XP
Tools: Cygwin
Server: Tomcat
Database: Oracle 10G

We followed the steps that are listed in the link Installing and Running the JDBC[tm] API Test Suite 1.3.1..

Since this release includes JDBC driver for the Cloudscape DBMS, we have replaced with oracle driver whereever it relates cloudscape.. But we faced the following problems while running the test

1. We are not able to execute the initdb.bat in cygwin
it throws the following error

$ bash -li initdb.bat
Your group is currently "mkgroup". This indicates that neither
your gid nor your pgsid (primary group associated with your SID)
is in /etc/group.

The /etc/group (and possibly /etc/passwd) files should be rebuilt.
See the man pages for mkpasswd and mkgroup then, for example, run

mkpasswd -l [-d] > /etc/passwd
mkgroup -l [-d] > /etc/group

Note that the -d switch is necessary for domain users.
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: line 1: @echo: command not found
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: line 2: REM: command not found
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: line 3: REM: command not found
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: line 4: REM: command not found
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: line 5: REM: command not found
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: line 7: REM: command not found
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: initdb.bat: line 8: syntax error near unexpected token `
\jdbccts/bin/initdb.bat: initdb.bat: line 8: `REM @(#)initdb.bat 1.3 02/01

2. While running "ctsmake jdbctest " in cygwin it throws an error "bash: \jdbc/bin/ctsmake: bin/ksh: bad interpreter: Permission denied"

Please help us to resolve this issue.