I recently had a computer stolen and when I purchased a new one I opted for Mac instead of PC since they told me the Mac + parallels would run Windows. Turns out to be a bit slow, so especially with using NetBeans IDE I was trying to migrate to just the Mac side.

Problem is I don't know much about databases, and the only one I've really used is the MS Access rolled into Office. Also, what I'm going to install my eventual program on is an older PC desktop that has Access installed and functioning.

So my question is, what could I use on Mac that would be most like Access that doesn't involve major cash outlay nor a major learning curve? I tried MySQL, but can't seem to figure out how to make the tables (no GUI?). I installed OpenOffice, but it keeps telling me it needs Java, which is already on the Mac, so I don't know why it won't work.

All I need the database to do really is let me make the tables, then allow me to make Java SQL statements for access. Don't need any other database functionality.