Hello everyone,

I have a particular problem...I need suggestion or some code to how to handle my problem.

I am given a piece of information in form of array of string
the string contains somelike this
String[] id = new String[10];
id[0] = "ser4\\PRoJ\\MODULES\\1.jsp";
id[1] = "ser4\\PRoJ\\COMMON\\2.jsp";
id[2] = "ser2\\CHeC\\BEANS\\3.jsp";
id[3] = "ser3\\PRoJ\\MODULES\\date\\4.jsp";

I need to create a virtual directory system.....and show it in from a webpage in jsp...... were for say on first open the user sees -

two links .... "ser4" and "ser2"

wen user clicks on "ser4" link
it shows "PRoJ" link on clicking on these it shows "MODULES" & "COMMON" links and on clicking on "MODULES" it shows "1.jsp" "2.jsp" "DATE" and so on.

and will show a path on the top from where to where he has traversed....(like naviagation link)

anyone have any idea how can i put up these. (Data i provided are subject to change but the pattern wil remain the same)

Please do reply. Suggestion are welcomed

Thanks and regards.