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Thread: help

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    Default help

    Create a class Polynomial that is used to evaluate a polynomial function of x:
    P(x) = a0 + a1x + a2x2 +!+ an"1xn"1 + anxn . The coefficients ai are floating-point numbers,
    the exponents of x are integers, and the largest exponent n—called the degree of the
    polynomial—is greater than or equal to zero. The class has the attributes
    • degree—the value of the largest exponent n
    • coefficients—an array of the coefficients ai
    and the following methods:
    • Polynomial(max)—a constructor that creates a polynomial of degree max whose
    coefficients are all zero
    • setConstant(i, value)—sets the coefficient ai to value
    • evaluate(x)—returns the value of the polynomial for the given value x
    For example, the polynomial
    P(x) = 3 + 5 x + 2 x3 is of degree 3 and has coefficients a0 = 3, a1 = 5, a2 = 0, and a3 = 2.
    The invocation:
    evaluate(7) computes
    3+ 5 " 7 + 0 " 72 + 2 " 73 = 3+ 35 + 0 + 686 = 724 and returns
    the result 724. A possible dialogue between the program and the user follows:
    Constructing a polynomial:
    3+ 5x + 2x^3
    Evaluating the polynomial at 0 should give 3
    Got: 3.0
    Evaluating the polynomial at 1 should give 10
    Got: 10.0
    Evaluating the polynomial at 7 should give 724
    Got: 724.0
    Evaluating the polynomial at 1/2 should give 5.75

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    Default Re: help

    Could you please post what code/thoughts you have so far? Also, some insight into any problems/questions you're having would be nice.