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Thread: phonetic to cyrillic converter

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    Default phonetic to cyrillic converter

    Hello forum! I've been working on adding Russian support to my game, and I feel that I should share my code for converting phonetic Russian into Cyrillic. Example: Privjet Rossii --> Привет России. So far I have added Phonetic String --> Cyrillic String, Int Array --> Cyrillic String, and I'm working on KeyCode --> Cyrillic char. (for typing ingame) I feel that this little program will make programming in Russian alot easier.

    Here are a few examples on how to use it:

    russianConverterr rt = new russianConverter();
    String phoneticExample = rt.enToRuSTR("Privjet Rossii"); //convert  Privjet Rossii to  Привет России
    int sample = {0,1,2,3};
    String intArrayExample = rt.enToRuINT(sample);  //convert {0,1,2,3} to АБВГ
    String unicodes[] = rc.getAllCyrillicUni(); //returns all cyrillic unicodes.

    Even if you don't use this, realize how long it took me to add all Cyrillic Unicodes!

    PLEASE NOTE: The returned strings contain unicodes which will show up as "?" in terminal/CMD, but will work fine for everything else.

    Here is the code:
    public class russianConverter {
    	String returnMessage;
    	int i;
    	String[] ruAlpha = {
    	public String[] getAllCyrillicUni(){
    		return ruAlpha;
    	public String enToRuINT(int[] message){
    		returnMessage= "";
    			returnMessage += ruAlpha[message[i]];
    		return returnMessage;
    	public String enToRuSTR(String message){
    		return message
    		.replace("YERU", "\u042B")
    		.replace("yeru", "\u044B")
    		.replace("TS", "\u0426")
    		.replace("CH", "\u0427")
    		.replace("SHA", "\u0428")
    		.replace("SHCHA", "\u0429")
    		.replace("SI", "\u0419")
    		.replace("JE", "\u0415")
    		.replace("ZH", "\u0416")
    		.replace("YU", "\u042E")
    		.replace("YA", "\u042F")
    		.replace("yu", "\u044E")
    		.replace("ya", "\u044F")
    		.replace("je", "\u0435")
    		.replace("zh", "\u0436")
    		.replace("si", "\u0439")
    		.replace("ch", "\u0447")
    		.replace("sha", "\u0448")
    		.replace("shcha", "\u0449")
    		.replace("A", "\u0410")
    		.replace("B", "\u0411")
    		.replace("V", "\u0412")
    		.replace("G", "\u0413")
    		.replace("D", "\u0414")
    		.replace("Z", "\u0417")
    		.replace("I", "\u0418")
    		.replace("K", "\u041A")
    		.replace("L", "\u041B")
    		.replace("M", "\u041C")
    		.replace("N", "\u041D")
    		.replace("O", "\u041E")
    		.replace("P", "\u041F")
    		.replace("R", "\u0420")
    		.replace("S", "\u0421")
    		.replace("T", "\u0422")
    		.replace("U", "\u0423")
    		.replace("F", "\u0424")
    		.replace("H", "\u0425")
    		.replace("''", "\u042A")
    		.replace("'", "\u042C")
    		.replace("E", "\u042D")
    		.replace("a", "\u0430")
    		.replace("b", "\u0431")
    		.replace("v", "\u0432")
    		.replace("g", "\u0433")
    		.replace("d", "\u0434")
    		.replace("z", "\u0437")
    		.replace("i", "\u0438")
    		.replace("k", "\u043A")
    		.replace("l", "\u043B")
    		.replace("m", "\u043C")
    		.replace("n", "\u043D")
    		.replace("o", "\u043E")
    		.replace("p", "\u043F")
    		.replace("r", "\u0440")
    		.replace("s", "\u0441")
    		.replace("t", "\u0442")
    		.replace("u", "\u0443")
    		.replace("f", "\u0444")
    		.replace("h", "\u0445")
    		.replace("ts", "\u0446")
    		.replace("''", "\u044A")
    		.replace("'", "\u044C")
    		.replace("e", "\u044D");
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    Default Re: phonetic to cyrillic converter

    Has anyone messed around with it at all?

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