Hi there!

I was just curious how should i achieve the forllowing:
i would like to embed an applet to my site, which will do the following, once opened:
- it will get the url previously defined
- at the url it will find a button, it hits the button
- after that there is a new site where there is a captcha and a timer - it should display to the user, and after the captcha is entered it should post it to the remote site and get an url, which will be sent to php.
The user will only see the captcha and the timer, all others are happening in the background.

I'm using php most times, so the thing i'm looking for is something like curl in java.
How can i communicate with a site?
How can i save cookies, grab and display captcha on my site, to send it back?

Please give me some advice what functions should i use (which will not require any further installation on the users end, just the basic java)

p.s.: it has to be an applet, servlet will not work.