This is my Computer Science which is due friday. I've alread set up my GUI. but now I need help with how to do the rest.

Data structures and conversion rules

Each Unicode Braille cell will be represented as a string of eight zeros and ones.
The strings will be separated by at least one blank character (space). The string
\00000000" will represent a blank cell (space). The ones represent the positions
of raised dots. The 8-character string is a row-major representation of a 2-by-
4 matrix of dots of a Unicode Braille cell. Hence, you must implement the
Unicode Braille cell as a two-dimensional array of zeroes and ones.

It is important to note that you MUST implement the 8-dot Unicode Braille
scheme. This implies that for any text character, you must convert that charac-
ter to some binary representation, and use a mathematical function to translate
that binary representation to the correct dot positions in the Unicode Braille
Unicode Braille cells are numbered as follows:

1 4
2 5
3 6
7 8

For example, the character \A" is associated with the hexadecimal value 41,
which has the binary representation 01000001, so that cells 1 and 7 must be
marked. Or, the Braille matrix has positions (0; 1) and (3; 0) as raised dots, and
the others are blank. Please refer to the pdf document on the course web site
to nd these encodings. You can also refer to Unicode/UTF-8-character table for
example assignments of characters to these codes (compliments of mr Scha ).
For translating from Braille to text, you would receive a binary number from
the input on the screen, and use that binary number to look up the correspond-
ing value for the text character.

Graphical user interface

You may choose not to implement a graphical user interface. Then you would
read all input from a text with redirection, and all output can be zeroes and
one on the terminal. You will receive no extra marks if you choose this route.

If you implement a graphical user interface, you may use StdDraw or any
other more advanced Java functionality. You will receive extra marks in this