I am trying to run a simple applet on an HTML page. The code for HTML page was generated by NetBeans IDE. When I open HTML page in Google Chrome, I see the heading the two horizontal lines across the page created with HTML code and the footer that shows the page created with NetBeans. But the applet gets blocked by java security setting and I see an information window, "Application Blocked by Security Setting". On the HTML page I see Java logo and and circle made with broken thick arc segments, and one segment becomes bold and the others grey out as if the circle is rotating.

The applet runs fine in IDE.

I have tried to lower the security setting in Java Control Panel and it appears the new setting is in effect but then if I tried to open my HTML page I still get the same message of application blocked. Now if I go back to Java Control Panel, I see the security setting has reset itself to high value.

I have also tried to test the applet with MS Internet Explorer 10. I get the outline of the HTML page without the application and I do not get any message either.

I would appreciate any help.