Just arrived in this forum.

I have developped some time ago a client application (with AIR/Actionscript) which communicates with Electroserver5.

For my purposes, ES5 has the role of :
- controling clients activity (clients can have different states but some states can only be assigned to 1 client at a time, so ES5 checks all the client states before allowing 1 client to switch to this state)
- Receiving clients requests, generating SQL queries for MySQL database and returning data to the clients

What I intend to do now is to refactor everything to have a 100% Java client/server application instead of AIR/AS3 + ES5. Here are my questions to you guys:

- Does Java on the client side can communicate with the OS and the files (I have to encapsulate Flash into AIR for this at the moment)
- Which is the technology to use for the server side? My goal is to code a Java server application that could replace ES5 and run only the 2 features I need by simple socket connections. Will it be an application similar to the client one technologywise that the OS will simply execute?

Is there any good book on Amazon that could halp me for building such server application?

Thanks for your advice!