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Thread: how to fetch the option selected by user while attempting the quiz made through servlets and jsp

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    Default how to fetch the option selected by user while attempting the quiz made through servlets and jsp

    Hi All,

    I am trying to develop an online quiz through Servlets and Jsp. I am using MYSQl as the backend database. The requirement is to display few random questions to user. I have to store the results of the quiz in a separate table. The table should have the details such as username, question presented to each user ,whether it was correct or incorrect

    Currently I am able to display all the questions on a single web page .

    But I am unable to fetch the answers selected by the user while attempting the quiz. I need to store each option selected by user and transfer it to a JSP page.

    Below is the code :-

    protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {
            String url = "jdbc:mysql://";
            String username1="root";
            String password1="root";
            PrintWriter out= response.getWriter();
                PreparedStatement st = null;
                ResultSet results = null;
                int limit=3;
                try {
                    Connection con= DriverManager.getConnection(url,username1,password1);
                    String sql="SELECT  Questions.Question, Questions.option1, Questions.option2,Questions.option3, Questions.option4,Questions.correctanswer FROM Questions order by RAND() limit ?";
                    st = (PreparedStatement) con.prepareStatement(sql);
                    results = st.executeQuery();
                    int i=1;
                        while (results.next())
                        String r1, r2, r3, r4, r5,r6;
                        r1 = results.getString(1);
                        r2 = results.getString(2);
                        r3 = results.getString(3);
                        r4 = results.getString(4);
                        r5 = results.getString(5);
                        r6 = results.getString(6);
                        out.println("<BODY BGCOLOR='powderblue'></BODY>" +
                                "<FORM method=\"post\" action= \"Results.jsp\" >" +
                                "<TABLE BORDER = 2 CELLPADDING = 4 CELLSPACING = 2>" +
                                "<TR><TD COLSPAN = 6 ALIGN = CENTER><H2><B>Quick Quiz</B></H2></TD></TR>");
                        out.println("<TR><TD>" + r1 + "</TD></TR>");
                        out.println("<TR><TD><input type = \"radio\" name = \"answer\" id=\"input1\"  value = \"1\"  required> " + r2 + "</TD></TR><BR>");
                        out.println("<TR><TD><input type = \"radio\" name = \"answer\" id=\"input2\" value = \"2\">" + r3 + "</TD></TR><BR>");
                        out.println("<TR><TD><input type = \"radio\" name = \"answer\" id=\"input3\" value = \"3\">" + r4 + "</TD></TR><BR>");
                        out.println("<TR><TD><input type = \"radio\" name = \"answer\" id=\"input4\" value = \"4\">" + r5 + "</TD></TR><BR>");
                           session.setAttribute("correctanswer"+i, r6);
                      if (i <3)
                             out.println("<BR><BR><INPUT type = \"submit\" value = \"Press to Submit\"></form></body></html>" );
                       // session.setAttribute("selectedanswer1",(String)(request.getParameter("answer")) );  ---not working as expected          
                } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                } catch (SQLException e) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    Request you to help me in fetching the result of the quiz.

    I was also trying to display each questions in a separate web page and giving an option of "Next" button to move to the next question but I was unable to do that. So I tried other way and gave all the questions on single page .But I am unable to fetch the option selected by user while attempting the quiz..

    The required option which I have used is also not working properly.

    Please help me in fetching the answer selected by user.


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    Default Re: how to fetch the option selected by user while attempting the quiz made through servlets and jsp

    Also posted at: How To Fetch The Option Selected By User While Attempting The Quiz Mad - JavaEE/J2EE | Dream.In.Code
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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