I'm developing a site in Java/JSP. My main servlet is /index. I've made some heavy modifications to it and the compiler is trying to compile the old code I wrote instead of the new code. This only happens with the index.class servlet, all the other servlets and beans compile with their new code but not /index.class!

I'm developing my site the good old fashioned way by, design the JSP template in dreamweaver, and im coding my java dreamweaver too. I'm not that interested in 'auto-complete' code like eclipse, netbeans, and intelliJ offer.

And use I use command prompt to compile my java code.

I've built it all up my self and it works perfectly!

It's this naggling issue that wont go away!! I cant deploy my site till in the new code for the index.class is compiled.

Is this some sort of caching issue?

Any ideas greatly appreciated. Man thanks!!