I using Sip client(jain sip api), sip server (asterisk pbx)

I have used refer method for blind call transfer

public void sendRefer(Dialog) throws Exception, SipException {
Request req = dialog.createRequest("REFER");
req.addHeader(headerFactory.createHeader("Refer-To", "sip:"+to+"@"+realm));
req.addHeader(headerFactory.createHeader("Referred-By", "sip:"+by+"@"+realm));
dialog.sendRequest(provider.getNewClientTransactio n(req));

I have got a log of refer method being sent and response of 202 accepted, and a notify event( im not able to check body of the notify event). How do i check that?
also Im having a termination message triggered as soon as the 3 or 4 options events. Please advise me how to complete my call transfer.
How do i invite the call to the transfer target.

Below is the reference i used.