Hello everyone... I'm new here

First of all, I apologize for my english and I hope someone will understand what I ask

I need help with an university project. I'm coding a run time support for a pipeline: the user must have the possibility to define a pipeline computation (which is a sequence of nodes, each one's input being the output of the previous one). Each pipeline node has to be executed on a different computer.
The computers on which the pipeline nodes will be executed are found with JXTA. But when I find the computers, I'm not able to pass over the network the definition of the function which has to be executed on the computer. To resume, I have to
- define some classes on a computer
- load these classes on another computer located somewhere else on the network

How can I pass the class definition over a socket to dinamically load it on the other PC?

Hope someone can help me. Please use a simple english to answer