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Thread: Is Java Programming Best?

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    Question Is Java Programming Best?

    Why should I study Java Programming among than other programming language?

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    Default Re: Is Java Programming Best?

    I don't think you can say any single language is "the best". I would suggest learning a few different languages (at least the basics). Some really good ones to learn would be Java, C++, Python, and html/css/javascript (not really a programming language, but these are the foundations of the internet). Which languages you know also depend on which applications/problems you want to solve. For example, if you are interested in scientific computing, Matlab/SciPi/R are some good languages you probably want to get acquainted with. If you want to do stuff for banks/the finance industry (shudder), learning COBOL might be a good idea( they might have switched over to C/C++ by now, though). If you want to work on database stuff, SQL is a good language to learn (note that there are tons of flavors of SQL)

    Java is a great language to start programming on because it is very flexible, widely used, and easy to learn. Even if you decide not to stick with mainly Java in the long run, learning Java will help you gain a good grasp on Object Oriented Programming, probably the predominant methodology for programming today. Java also has a huge API and tons of example code on the web, making development time for applications drop significantly. Java is also platform-independent (for the most part), meaning you can write your program once and theoretically as long as another machine has Java installed on it (whether linux, osx, windows, mobiles, etc.), you can still run your program.

    edit: I completely forgot about PHP. That is definately a popular language for doing stuff on the web nowadays.
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    Default Re: Is Java Programming Best?

    To elaborate on Hw's post, java is a language, so depending on what your end goals are may or may not be best. As a simple language analogy, (disregarding where you are located) if you are going to visit Russia you'll want to learn a bit of Russian...or if you are going to visit Spain you want to learn a bit of Spanish. Similarly, if you want a write once run-anywhere language with GUI development you may want to learn java. If you want to create a website you'll want to learn html, or design a database SQL. Overall, I prefer java over other similar languages like C++ for a few reasons, such as the 'write once run anywhere' philosophy, the simplicity of the GUI design, and the beauty of how it can be used.

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    Default Re: Is Java Programming Best?

    probably java is the one of the established language, its stable etc...

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