Hey everybody!

so, a while ago I wrote this ebook for java, and I want to re-release it here

What it covers:

chapter 1: the class
chapter 2: comments
chapter 3: Hello World!
chapter 4: Java special keys
chapter 5: primitive data types
chapter 6: variables
chapter 7: user input
procedure 1: simple calculator
chapter 8: If statements
chapter 9: loops
chapter 10: switch statements
chapter 11: Multiple methods
procedure 2: menu program
chapter 12: Arrays/arraylists
chapter 13: 2d arrays
chapter 14: OOP
chapter 15: threads -- needs major updating
chapter 16: multi-threading -- needs major updating
procedure 3: bank program
chapter 17: recursion
chapter 18: algoriithms
chapter 19: Files
procedure 4: Login System

This book needs some major updating and I will most likely be re-writing it soon. However, here is the link to the download if you want it:


Have fun!