Hi everyone.

I am trying to create a simple java based applet game. Nothing fancy, For some work I am doing.

The main idea is as follows:

The 'Game' will be a simple racing game, where two users have a 'car' each, on a simple straight line track to a finish line at the end, painted on the applet.

There will need to be a button to allow the race to begin. When the button is pressed, the two 'cars' - slowmove? a random amount along the track, until they reach the end, where the finish line is. The first user to reach the line wins the race..

I also need a box to keep track of how many games have been played, and how many times each user has won. A reset button would also be required to reset the cars, and, possibly, the whole game (scores and games played) as a seperate button.

I have some bits of code from some examples I have been given, to help me out with some aspects of the program, and I am reading through a beginners tutorial whilst creating java programs within the tutorial.

Im finding it quite difficult, but i am slowly getting there. I feel, I am just not up to standard yet to fully create this game on my own. If I could get some hints and tips, it may help me understand everything more once I have it layed out and got it working.

I am going to try and put some classes together, and get some code to start me off, I'll put it down on this thread when I have done so. I would be greatful if people could offer some advice also on how to get the code started, as I think I am going to struggle with this also!

Sorry if this seems a lot to ask, But I will greatly benefit from any help!

Cheers, G.