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Thread: client/server socket

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    Default client/server socket

    does anyone know how to write the client/server program (using sockets) where the client can ask the server if the file does/does not exist; if it does then read the file contents from server and shows it...there must be two separate client and server windows

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    Default Re: client/server socket

    Hello Java_dude_101.

    Welcome to the Java Programming Forums.

    Firstly you should concentrate on getting a client to connect to the server. This code will help:

    Writing the Server Side of a Socket (The Java™ Tutorials > Custom Networking > All About Sockets)

    Play around with that. When you are happy, post the code you have and we will help you with the file part.

    Please use [highlight=Java] code [/highlight] tags when posting your code.
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    Default Re: client/server socket

    I was able to make the connection and send streams back and forth...here is an example of the client side. I chose to put the code for reading the entry in this actionListener since it was already performing that role.

    public Client(String host) {
            super("Client Window");
            chatServer = host; // set server to which this client connects
            enterField = new JTextField(); // create enterField
                    new ActionListener() {
                        // send message to server
                        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) {
                            try // display contents of file
                                // create Socket to make connection to server
                                messoutput = new Formatter(client.getOutputStream());
                                // messoutput.flush(); // flush output to send header information
                                messinput = new Scanner(client.getInputStream());
                                String fileName = event.getActionCommand() + "\n";
                                messoutput.flush(); // flush output
                                String inputLine = messinput.nextLine(); // read input line
                                displayArea.setText(inputLine); // show input line in textarea
                                // if file exists, display file contents
                                if (inputLine.equals("The file is:")) {
                                    while (messinput.hasNextLine()) {
                                        inputLine = messinput.nextLine(); // read a new line
                                        displayArea.append('\n' + inputLine); // add line
                                    } // end while
                                } // end if
                            } // end try
                            catch (IOException ioException) {
                            } // end catch
                            finally {
                                try {
                                    input.close(); // close output
                                    output.close(); // close input
                                    client.close(); // close connection to server
                                } catch (IOException ioException) {
                                } // end method actionPerformed
                            } // end anonymous inner class
                    }); // end call to addActionListener
    //close the attempted file formatter scanner
            add(enterField, BorderLayout.NORTH);
            displayArea = new JTextArea(); // create displayArea
            add(new JScrollPane(displayArea), BorderLayout.CENTER);
            setSize(300, 150); // set size of window
            setVisible(true); // show window
        } // end Client constructor

    The server side...I have the get streams and process connections methods and I chose to use the process connection() for looking to see if the file actually there.
    private void processConnection() throws IOException
          String message = "Connection successful";
          sendData( message ); // send connection successful message
          // enable enterField so server user can send messages
          setTextFieldEditable( true );
          do // process messages sent from client
             try // read message and display it
                message = ( String ) input.readObject(); // read new message
                displayMessage( "\n" + message ); // display message
      //Attempted code to read format of entry and determine if it is a file
                //start code
             connection = server.accept(); // accept connection
             messoutput = new Formatter( connection.getOutputStream() );
             messoutput.flush(); // flush output to send header information
             messinput = new Scanner( connection.getInputStream() );
             File file = new File( messinput.nextLine() ); // get file name
             String result; // result from checking file
             // file does exist
             if ( file.exists() )
                Scanner fileInput = new Scanner( file ); // file scanner
                messoutput.format( "The file is:\n" ); // write header
                messoutput.flush(); // flush output
                while ( fileInput.hasNextLine() )
                   result = fileInput.nextLine(); // read a line from file
                   messoutput.format( "%s\n", result ); // output line of file
                   messoutput.flush(); // flush output
                } // end while
             } // end if
             else // file does not exist
                result = file.getName() + " does not exist\n";
                messoutput.format( result ); // write that file does not exist
                messoutput.flush(); // flush output
             } // end else
         // } // end try
             //end attempted code for reading format if entry
             } // end try
             catch ( ClassNotFoundException classNotFoundException )
                displayMessage( "\nUnknown object type received" );
             } // end catch
          } while ( !message.equals( "CLIENT>>> TERMINATE" ) );
       } // end method processConnection

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