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Thread: Creating Methods for Input/Output Files

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    Default Creating Methods for Input/Output Files

    Basically, I had to find various properties of a cylinder and make separate methods to do each of these. This is no problem and that runs fine. But every time I try to make a method to do input and output I get several errors and it will not run.
    So right now I just have the input and output files being read inside the main method , but i need separate methods for the input and output files.
    I need help creating these methods for input/output.

    Thank You

    Here's the code I have:

    import java.io.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Shapes {
        static Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
        public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException {
    	Scanner inFile = new Scanner (new FileReader("dimensions.txt"));
    	PrintWriter output = new PrintWriter("C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\shapes.txt");
        double x = inFile.nextDouble();
    	double y = inFile.nextDouble();
    	double height, radius, base, lateral, surface, volume, outputs;
    	radius = x;
    	height = y;
    	base = baseArea(radius);
    	lateral = lateralArea(radius, height);
    	surface = surfaceArea(lateral, base);
    	volume = cylinderVolume(base, height);
    // this is just to check the calculations without having to open the output evertime
    	output.println(base + "      " + lateral + "      " + surface + "      " + volume);
    // calculates the base area. "a" is the radius and "b" is the value for base area.
    public static double baseArea(double a){
    	double b = Math.PI * a * a;
    	return b;
    public static double lateralArea(double r, double h){
    	double cir = Math.PI * 2 * r;
    	double lat = cir * h;
    	return lat;
    public static double surfaceArea (double la, double ba){
    	double sur = la + ba + ba;
    	return sur;
    public static double cylinderVolume (double base, double h){
    	double vol = base * h;
    	return vol;

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    Default Re: Creating Methods for Input/Output Files

    What will be the content of dimensions.txt?
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    Default Re: Creating Methods for Input/Output Files

    Oh I'm sorry. I just chose two values to test it:

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