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Thread: Help with I/O program

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    Default Help with I/O program

    Hi peeps... I'm trying to write a program that enables the user to write and retrieve memos with calendar dates. Here is what I got so far...
    //Test class
    import javax.swing.JFrame.*;
    public class CalendarTest{
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		userInterface uI = new userInterface();
    		uI.setSize(600, 300);
    //user interface class
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class userInterface extends JFrame implements ActionListener
    private JButton save, retrieve;
    private JLabel sidl, namel, instl;
    private JTextField sidtf, nametf, insttf;
    private JLabel commentl;
    private JTextArea commentta;
    private JScrollPane commentsp;
    public userInterface()
    super.setTitle("Memo Generator");
    private void buildTop()
    Dimension dim = new Dimension(60,25);
    JPanel tp = new JPanel();
    sidl = new JLabel("Month");
    namel = new JLabel("Day");
    instl = new JLabel("Year");
    sidtf = new JTextField(8);
    nametf = new JTextField(8);
    insttf = new JTextField(8);
    add(tp, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    private void buildBottom()
    Dimension dim = new Dimension(90,25);
    JPanel bp1 = new JPanel();
    save = new JButton("Save");
    retrieve = new JButton("Retrieve");
    JPanel bp3 = new JPanel(new GridLayout(2,1));
    add(bp3, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    private void buildRight()
    JPanel rp = new JPanel();
    rp.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    commentl = new JLabel("Message: ");
    rp.add(commentl, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    commentta = new JTextArea(6,30);
    commentsp = new JScrollPane(commentta);
    rp.add(commentsp, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    add(rp, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    	public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0) {
    		// TODO Auto-generated method stub

    These two seem to work as intended. Its this last class where the I/O is supposed to take place that is giving me difficulty...

    import java.io.*;
    public class CalendarManger 
    	public userInterface uI = new userInterface();
        public CalendarManger() 
        	/*Set the base directory where the calendar manager’s data files will reside
            Create a file object for the base directory and make sure that the directory
    	exists, and if it doesn’t, use the mkdir method on the file object to create it.*/
        	File fileDir = new File ("c:\\temp\\");
        private void getFile(String month, String year)
    	/*This method trys to get the string array from the specified file
    	Formulate the filename from the base directory, month, and year – make sure you 
    		use double backslashes after the base directory
    	Create a file object using the filename
    	If the file does not exist, create a new array of 31 strings for the member 
                else create a FileInputStream and ObjectInputStream on the file and use the 
    		readObject method of the object input stream to get an array of 
    		strings from the file – remember to cast the value returned by the 
    		readObject method to a String [ ] and assign it to the string array
    member variable. Close the streams.
    If an exception occurs, create a new array of 31 strings for the
    member variable*/
        public void getEntry(String month, String day, String year)
    /*Call the getFile method to try to get the string array from the file 
    specified by the month and year.
    Convert the day string to an integer
    Remember, days go from 1 to 31, while the string array contains entries 0
     	thru 30
    Get the entry from the string array member variable
    If it is not null, return that string
    Else return an error string indicating that the entry does not exist*/
        public void saveEntry(String month, String day, String year, String entry)
    /*Call the getFile method to try to get the string array from the file 
    specified by the month and year.
    Convert the day string to an integer
    Remember, days go from 1 to 31, while the string array contains entries 0
     	thru 30
    Save the entry to the string array member variable
    Create a FileOutputStream object using the base directory, month, and year.
    Create an ObjectOutputStream object on top of the file output stream.
    Use the writeObject method to write the string array member variable to the
    Close the object stream and the file stream object.
    If everything goes well, return a string indicating success.
    If there was an exception, return a string indicating an error occurred.*/

    I have pseudo code that was given to help guide me but I'm still stuck. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help with I/O program

    Please, post a simple example that would abstract your problem from your project. There is really no need to give us your GUI code when you know that the problem is in I/O. And define the problem precisely. "Its this last class where the I/O is supposed to take place that is giving me difficulty..." gives us little or no information about the problem.

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