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Thread: Java.exe memory usage in Windows

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    Default Java.exe memory usage in Windows


    This may not be a correct forum to post such a question but I couldn't find another one where I could get an answer.
    Since this is a Java dev group, please feel free to suggest any other forum where this question might be more relevant.

    In my system, I have been noticing that the Java.exe process consumes the most memory all the time. It consumes over 300 MB at times. I have only 4 GB ram in my system and lots of other processes, especially Chrome browser consumes a lot of memory. It degrades my system's performance.

    Please advise what I can do to correct this issue. I want to reduce the memory consumption of the Java.exe process.

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

    Java memory usage.PNG


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    Default Re: Java.exe memory usage in Windows

    Difficult to answer. It could be one of the following:

    * Using Eclipse Enterprise Edition (memory hog)
    If this is the case and you can do without the extra bells and whistles
    go with the Standard Edition instead. It uses less memory while running.

    * Only update the Java applications (ones sent from Oracle) if you really
    need their features.

    *Close any other applications that are open that are not required while
    you use your Java development environment - it will free resource memory.

    Again it's quite a technical question and beyond my expertise. I am sure another
    member may give you a better response - but at least it's things to consider.

    Wishes Ada xx
    If to Err is human - then programmers are most human of us all.
    "The Analytical Engine offers a new, a vast, and a powerful language . . .
    for the purposes of mankind
    Augusta Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace (1851)

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    Default Re: Java.exe memory usage in Windows

    Thread moved.

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    Default Re: Java.exe memory usage in Windows

    Well, what kind of java program are you running?
    Java.exe can be anything since every java program is called that.

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