JONATHAN BEAUDEAU/VICTIM OF DEFAMATION. An individual with SIGNIFICANT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES has posted on this site, slandering JONATHAN as a rapist! JAVA PROGRAMMINGFORUMS.COM has allowed this post to remain on this site, despite its defamatory and inappropriate content! The individual who posted on this site, has been OBSESSIVELY CYBERATTACKING 4 members of the BEAUDEAU family, including a VERY YOUNG CHILD, calling her a shoplifter and a prostitute, among others. This individual even went as far as to send a DEEPLY VILE AND SLANDEROUS email to the boss of one of the family members. This individual needs to get IMMEDIATE MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING to determine the insanity based and irrational reason for the inordinate amount of time spent on TRYING to harm decent and good people and an innocent young child. The content of these posts is a REFLECTION of the CRIMINALITY AND DEEP CHARACTER FLAWS of this individual rather than on the SOLID AND IMMUTABLE reputations of BEAUDEAU family members.