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Thread: Why Did You switch to Java?

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    Default Why Did You switch to Java?

    For my English class I need to do some investigative journalism, so I though I'd do: why did java rise to dominance as a programming language? Now, I need to interview/discuss with several professionals the rise of Java, so I have a question for you programmers out here: Why have you or why have you not switched to Java for programing internet or Desktop applications?
    Please note that I am not looking for a general why did java rise answer, I'm looking for why you, and you specifically chose to learn or use Java.

    Thank you in advance for helping me gather data for this project.

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    Default Re: Why Did You switch to Java?

    Hi Sisyphus,

    For me it's actually quite simple, Java is the last language I want to learn for sure. There is also Python I'm interested in but Java has more priority. Java is OOP so for me easy to pick up, I just need to learn the syntax and the possibility's which in my eyes are endless. I'm actually a web developer but I want all the functionality available for programs available for my websites. So my website wont be limited. But Java is also strongly-typed which I really like because you can exactly read in the code what you can expect and what will happen. And I don't need to validate every value while this is needed in PHP(my origin).

    If you compare PHP with Java, well, lets say PHP is like a kid of 5 and Java is a grownup with all the experience.

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    Default Re: Why Did You switch to Java?

    Lets start of with the background, I've been programming for over 14 years now and I started out using QBasic and doing simple games etc. I then later on went on to using Pascal which I was actually taught in school and then started using Delphi which is basically Pascal with a nice GUI. After this I took a course in C++ and I also started doing websites using PHP. I must have been developing in C++ and PHP for about 8 years before I got a job as a developer through a friend and it just happened to be so that the company I was employed to work for used Java as their primary language and that's how I came to swap over to Java. I now use Java every day and I've work as a Java Developer for the last 3 years.

    // Json

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