Hi coders,

IIT Roorkee is presenting an Algorithm Intensive Online Programming
Contest – INSOMNIA, during their annual Tech Fest COGNIZANCE '12.
INSOMNIA is known around the globe and some of the best coders
participate in this reputed competition. The event has a total prize
money of INR 50,000/-

INSOMNIA will be held for 12 hours from 9:00 PM IST (+5:30 GMT), 11th
February to 9:00 AM IST, 12th February 2012. There could be maximum 2
members in a team. Team member may be of different colleges /

To participate in the contest, first visit
(http://www.cognizance.org.in/) and register each team member
indivisually on it. Then register your team at INSOMNIA website
(Insomnia 12). The contest will also be
held on the same site.

Looking forward to your participation.

Aditya Gupta (adityagupta104@gmail.com) – (+91-7417015693)

Deshank Baranwal (deshank@gmail.com ) - ( +91-9557020929)

Dipit Grover (dipitgrover@gmail.com) – (+91-9557647167)

Kapil Agrawal (agr.kapill@gmail.com ) – (+91-9568380650)

Important Note: For further queries refer to ‘Rules’ on the site or
email to any of the coordinator or write to Email ID-