Hello :-)!

I'd like to run PocketSphinx (PocketSphinx - Sphinx for handhelds) on my mobile phone. I already installed SphinxBase, PocketSphinx and so on in Ubuntu Linux. Now I'd like to install it somehow on Sony Ericsson k750i. Can anybody help me how to run examplary application (HelloWorld.jar) on mobile phone? It looks like it may be somehow different than other applications.

What I found is here (most important founds):
Sphinx-4 - A speech recognizer written entirely in the Java(TM) programming language <- Demos (however it is explained here for Sphinx4)
Sphinx-4 Hello World! Demo <- application which I'd like to run on mobile phone Sony Ericsson k750i
Browse CMU Sphinx Files on SourceForge.net <- here you can download PocketSphinx

And also (less important founds)
PocketSphinxMigration - CMU Sphinx Documentation Wiki
GStreamer - CMU Sphinx Documentation Wiki

Thanks very much for your help in advance :-)!