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Thread: Swing app gui optimization

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    Default Swing app gui optimization

    Initially I had wrongly designed a swing app gui which used static methods in the main method.

    Then I realised I could've done it better. I've designed a rough outline of the app which might be correct per se, but maybe not optimized. I also decided to make the app thread-safe.

    Here's an outline:

    public class MyApp {
    	JMenuBar myMenuBar = null;
    	JToolBar myToolBar = null;
    	JMenuItem myMenuItem1 = null;
    	JMenuItem myMenuItem2 = null;
    	JPanel northPanel = null;
    	public JPanel createNorthPanel() {
    		northPanel = new JPanel();		
    		return northPanel;
    	// similarly, create 'west', 'center', 'east' and 'south' panels
    	public JMenuItem createMenuItem(String text, char mnemonic, String keyStrokeRepresentation) {
    		JMenuItem newMenuItem = new JMenuItem();
    		// set respective properties...		
    		return newMenuItem;
    	public JMenuBar createMenuBar() {
    		myMenuBar = new JMenuBar();		
    		myMenuBar.add(myMenuItem1 = createMenuItem("MyMenuItem1", 'M', "control M"));	
    		myMenuItem1.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
    			public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
    				// take some action here...
    		// similarly, create other menu items		
    		return myMenuBar;
    	public static void main(String args[]) {
    		// implementing thread safety...
    		Runnable runner = new Runnable() {
    			public void run() {
    				JFrame mainFrame = new JFrame();				
    				MyApp appInstance = new MyApp();				
    				mainFrame.add(appInstance.createNorthPanel(), BorderLayout.NORTH);
    				// similarly, create 'west', 'center', east' and 'south' panels...
    				mainFrame.add(appInstance.createWestPanel(), BorderLayout.WEST);
    				mainFrame.add(appInstance.createCenterPanel(), BorderLayout.CENTER);				
    				mainFrame.add(appInstance.createEastPanel(), BorderLayout.EAST);				
    				mainFrame.add(appInstance.createSouthPanel(), BorderLayout.SOUTH);					
    				mainFrame.setSize(400, 300);

    Is everything all right with the code, or can it be better optimized? Plz overlook the length of the code. It's rather long, I admit. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Swing app gui optimization

    I have two comments:
    1) It is always a good idea to specify what you want to happen to the program when the little X on the top right corner of the JFrame is pressed. For whatever reason, JFrame does not handle this directly as you would want with your main frame because, if you do not, when the X is pressed the program actually still runs. Specifically, you want to use the JFrame.setDefaultCloseOperation() method to indicate what you want the program to do in the event the JFrame is closed. Since this is your main frame, I would assume you want the program to stop executing. If so, this is the statement you would use:
    2) You do not use the JMenu you created. If you do want to use that, you should use the JFrame.setJMenuBar() method.

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    3. Give us an example of what the output should look like when done correctly.

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