I have 4 years of PHP experience.
9 years of OO scripting experience.

I want to make a 3D game.
Multiplayer online game
In this game I to make my own 3D renderer. I want to learn that. I know there are some that exist already that are incredibly efficient, but I want to learn that stuff too.
Just got passed the "Hello World".

I'm asking for some direction beyond learning the basic syntax, OO interface & Linked Listing. I'll need to learn these 3 things as well. I just want to make sure that I have some direction when I'm done. I have programming experience. So this shouldn't take much more beyond 2 weeks.

Thank you for any the help!

I think I'll make a progress log for every step of my adventure. Doing this helps me focus.

This is just a video of me saying the same thing.
Beginning Java Programmer heading towards game development - YouTube