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Thread: Building a Menu List

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    Smile Building a Menu List

    Hi Guys,

    i am currently working on a project and would just like to add a bit more to it then needs be and also as I would liek to learn how to do it.

    Basically I have 3 classes at the moment

    CD ----> Artist ----> Concert

    what my plan was, is to add a public drop down menu to the Concert class that would allow me / the user to select the venue from the concert to one from the list and this would pop up when the constructor was 1st run.

    and then for this to change the current field "venue" to one from the drop down list although I have that bit already in mind as it wont be that hard.

    Sorry if there is not enough info just gve me a shout and I will put up what I have already.



    ... Oh and another thing is there any way to do a return statement on the same line for 2 fields

    as this doesnt seem to work
        public String getDetails()
            return name, venue;

    and nor does this
        public String getDetails()
            return name,
            return venue;
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    Default Re: Building a Menu List

    In Java you can't return multiple values per method. Methods much return exactly one value (or be declared void and return exactly 0 values, or throw an exception).

    There are many solutions that could solve your problem.

    An easy one is to concatenate the two strings together:

    return name + " " + venue;

    This likely isn't going to be very effective, though. The second solution is to create two methods that return each item separately.

    public String getName()
         return name;
    public String getVenue()
         return venue;

    This is the implementation route I would take. It's concise, and you can get either value by itself.

    Another method you could take is to use an array/some other object to contain both strings and return that object:

    public String[] getDetails()
         return new String[] {name,venue};

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