Hello in here.
First of all I would like to say: nice forum.

And now It goes into depth.

I need to adopt c# code from .net in java, for an android app.
In .net it is very simple to create datasets using a WYSIWYG-designer in Visual Studio, which generates much code. And Xsd's.

I need this on android.

So I read and installed EMF and imported the .net xsd's, which then have been generated to many interfaces, implementations and so on.

As I exported an xsd from eclipse and inspected it in Visual studio it looked nice ( though some column orders where not matching, the relations were correct ) as in the original xsd.

So the concrete requirement is: My app must translate XML-data between two subsystems.

One subsystem is a c/c++ software running on a remote machine, which connects via socket to my app.
It then sends a flat XML-string to my app.
My app must transform this xml to another one ( lets say, transform flat xml-table contents to nested ones ).
And then the transformed/translated xml must be sent to the other subsystem ( a commercial big erp product).

And this also could be the other way round.

I was googling but as it seems, there is no simple way to get java equivalents of DataSet, DataTable and DataRow of c#, especially for android.
Bot datasets, which I must port are relative huge.

So, where should I start in order start somewhere with this first step : Get the flat XML-String via Socket and convert it into some kind of android-dataset ?

Any hints are welcome. This is really a big requirement and perhaps I am already on the right way with EMF.
But I do not know 100%.

That's why I ask in here.

THX and best regards.