Hi all,

I'm new to these forums, but it looked like the best forum site for my inquiry,

I'm looking to begin setting up my plan to implement a multiplayer-turn based android game.

I have a few years experience with java and have implemented a couple 2D games but the next step is to
move onto the android platform.

As I'm new to the android I just need some informed advice on the best websites, tutorials, books etc I can use which will best equip me to deal with this project.

Something I need clearing up is how I would implement a server and database to run with my game, would I need to implement my own server with code interaction to server or simply use API or services already offered for these capabilities.

I've used servers such as Apache for web design and would imagine I could use this but would still need a way of communication i.e maybe javabean with java helper classes. Or does it differ with the android platform and I've used access for database use but have also heard of object oriented database but I may be going off topic to what is required with regards to an android multiplayer game.

if anybody could clear up the process and maybe sites which will better inform me in what is required, I'd be extremely grateful!