I have RPC SuggestBox, but unfortunately it returns me all data from server side independently input value in suggest box, and I wanted to convert suggestion into array, which I will fetch in label in ScrollPanel.
public class RPCSuggestImpl extends RemoteServiceServlet implements RPCSuggest {
     public SuggestOracle.Response getQuote(SuggestOracle.Request req) {
        SuggestOracle.Response resp = new SuggestOracle.Response();
        List<ItemSuggestion> suggestions=new ArrayList<ItemSuggestion>();
        for (int i=0;i<1000;i++)
            Integer j=i;
            suggestions.add(new ItemSuggestion(j.toString()));
        return resp;

public interface RPCSuggest extends RemoteService {
    SuggestOracle.Response getQuote(SuggestOracle.Request req);

public class ItemSuggestion implements IsSerializable, SuggestOracle.Suggestion {
      private String s;
      // Required for IsSerializable to work
      public ItemSuggestion() {
      // Convenience method for creation of a suggestion
      public ItemSuggestion(String s) {
         this.s = s;
      public String getDisplayString() {
          return s;
      public String getReplacementString() {
          return s;
   } // end inner class ItemSuggestion

public class ItemSuggestionOracle extends SuggestOracle {
    public static final RPCSuggestAsync rpcService = RPCSuggest.App.getInstance();
    public boolean isDisplayStringHTML() {
           return true;
       public void requestSuggestions(SuggestOracle.Request req,SuggestOracle.Callback callback) {
           rpcService.getQuote(req, new ItemSuggestCallback(req, callback));
       class ItemSuggestCallback implements AsyncCallback {
           private SuggestOracle.Request req;
           private SuggestOracle.Callback callback;
           public ItemSuggestCallback(SuggestOracle.Request _req,
                   SuggestOracle.Callback _callback) {
               req = _req;
               callback = _callback;
           public void onFailure(Throwable error) {
               callback.onSuggestionsReady(req, new SuggestOracle.Response());
           public void onSuccess(Object retValue) {
                       (SuggestOracle.Response) retValue);