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Thread: Trouble Defaulting To Main Page, Please Help

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    Default Trouble Defaulting To Main Page, Please Help

    Hi there,
    Java newbie here. I am experimenting with RFID and therefore learning how to give it commands in Java through Processing. I am currently using IF THEN commands and have successfully gotten the reader to switch content based on which chip interacts with it. However, I want the screen to return to a default video when the chip leaves the reader. I have tried a couple things, but the reader seems to be stuck on one chip's content until a new chip is placed on it, where I would like for it to immediately revert to a default screen when the chip is removed until the next chip is placed down. Can anyone see where I need to change this code to get that to happen? Thank you so very much.

    import processing.serial.*;
    Serial myPort;
    String inString = "";

    String RFID1 = "0200B916BC"; //Card 1 RFID
    String RFID2 = "70006D389B"; //Card 2 RFID
    String RFID3 = "010D5E1B7C"; //Card 3 RFID
    String RFID4 = "840034486D"; //Card 3 RFID

    PImage jpg;

    boolean sketchFullScreen() {
    return true;

    void setup() {
    size(1680, 1050);
    myPort = new Serial(this, "COM3", 2400);
    jpg = loadImage("watercolor.jpg");
    if (frame != null) {

    void draw() {
    image(jpg, width/1680, height/1050);

    if (inString != null) {
    fill(150, 255);

    void serialEvent (Serial myPort)
    String rfid = myPort.readStringUntil('\n'); // clean string
    if (rfid == null)
    rfid = "";
    } else
    rfid = trim(rfid);
    // if current tag ignore
    if (inString.equals(rfid))
    return; // exits function
    // new tag
    inString = rfid;
    if (RFID1.equals(inString))
    jpg = loadImage("watercolor_01.jpg");
    } else if (RFID2.equals(inString))
    jpg = loadImage("watercolor_02.jpg");
    } else if (RFID3.equals(inString))
    jpg = loadImage("watercolor_03.jpg");
    } else if (RFID4.equals(inString))
    jpg = loadImage("watercolor_04.jpg");
    } else
    // unknown tag or no tag default
    jpg = loadImage("watercolor.jpg");

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    Default Re: Trouble Defaulting To Main Page, Please Help

    Welcome to the forum! Please read this topic to learn how to post code in code or highlight tags and other useful info for new members.

    Please post your code correctly per the above link.

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