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Thread: Beginner at Java - can't figure out what I'm doing wrong

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    Default Beginner at Java - can't figure out what I'm doing wrong

    Hi all - I am a beginner at this and have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. My error is on the very last line, 61. I get an error message of "reached end of file while parsing." Can someone please help me understand what I'm doing wrong?


    Student.java file goes with the studentClient.java file

    public class Student {

    private String name;
    private int age;

    //Student Constructor
    public Student (String newName, int newAge) {

    //Mutator method to set student name
    public void setName(String newName) {
    name = newName;
    //Accessor method to get student name
    public String getName() {
    return name;

    //Mutator method to set student age
    public void setAge(int newAge) {
    if (newAge > 0)
    age = newAge;
    System.out.println("Age cannot be negative or zero.");

    //Accessor method to get student age
    public int getAge() {
    return age;

    // method to return name and age of student
    public String fullString() {
    return ("\nName of Student: " + name + "\nAge of Student: " + age + " ");

    //method to determine type of student
    public String typeOfStudent() {
    if (age>0 & age<=4) {
    return "preschool";
    } else {
    if (age>=5 & age<=5) {
    return "kindergarten";
    } else {
    if (age>=6 & age<=10) {
    return "elementary School";
    } else {
    if (age>=11 & age<=13) {
    return "middle school";
    } else {
    if (age>=14 & age<=17) {
    return "high School";
    } else {
    if (age>=18 & age<=100) {
    return "college";
    } else {
    return null;
    } <----- (error on this line)


    public class StudentClient
    public static void main( String [] args )
    Student student1 = new Student("Bob", 15);
    Student student2 = new Student("Jan", 13);
    System.out.println("Name: " + student1.getName());
    System.out.println("Age: " + student1.getAge());
    System.out.println("Type of Student: " + student1.typeOfStudent());

    System.out.println("\n" + student2.fullString());
    System.out.println("Type of Student: " + student2.typeOfStudent());


    System.out.println("\n" + student1.fullString());
    System.out.println("Type of Student: " + student1.typeOfStudent());
    } //ends main
    } //ends program

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    Default Re: Beginner at Java - can't figure out what I'm doing wrong

    Please post your code in code tags. Learn how in the Announcement topic at the top of the sub-forum.

    You're missing 7 close braces, '}', after the problem line. This should be obvious in your editor, especially if your code is formatted correctly.

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