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Thread: Java Hangman!

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    Default Java Hangman!

    I am new to java. All suggestions as far as this program goes is appreciated however please do not change the entire code because I am aware that there are bugs/issues with it. The questions I have is when I run this program(eclipse) I have a Dictionary.txt and that works fine. However when I guess the word correctly the while loop of the game does not end, how do I fix this? Can I not compare a StringBuilder to a String? When I guess the word wrong(run out of attempts) the program ends the while loop but jumps back into it after the endGame() method. I assume because it picks up from where the method was called. How can I change this a little to allow the game to function as I intended? I am not familiar with the structure of a game in java. Also how do I attach programs to the forum as other members have? Tried to attach a .java and it would not let me. Apologize for the .txt format

    PHP Code:
    public class Hangman1 {
        public static 
    void main(String[] args){        
    //end main

    private static void initGame() {    // needs io exception
    System.out.println("Chris' Hangman");
    System.out.println("Enter Number For Difficulty You Would Like To Play");
    System.out.print("Easy: 1, Medium: 2, Hard: 3 -- ");
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
    int diff scan.nextInt();        
    diff == || diff == || diff == ){
    System.out.print("Please Enter The Number 1, 2, Or 3 -- ");
    diff scan.nextInt();
    //end while
    }//end initGame()

    private static void getDifficulty(int diff) {
    Scanner scan null;
            try {
    scan = new Scanner(new File("Dictionary"));
            } catch (
    FileNotFoundException e) {
    System.out.println("File Not Found");
    ArrayList<Stringeasy = new ArrayList<String>();
    ArrayList<Stringmedium = new ArrayList<String>();
    ArrayList<Stringhard = new ArrayList<String>();
            while (
    scan.hasNextLine()){     // sorts file into 3 arrayLists based on length of word.
    String s = new String(scan.nextLine());
    s.length() > && s.length() <= 9){    //hard 8-9 letters
    s.length() > && s.length() <= ){    //medium 6-7 letters
    s.length() > && s.length() <= 5){    //easy 4-5 letters
    //end while
    switch(diff){    //after method call within switch program continues to run through other cases or start over in an infinite loop
    case 1:
    Random rand1 = new Random();
    int i1 rand1.nextInt(easy.size());
    startGame(easy.get(i1));// Get word from random index of ArrayList easy
    case 2:
    Random rand2 = new Random();
    int i2 rand2.nextInt(medium.size());
    startGame(medium.get(i2));// Get word from random index of ArrayList medium
    case 3:
    Random rand3 = new Random();
    int i3 rand3.nextInt(hard.size());
    startGame(hard.get(i3));// Get word from random index of ArrayList hard
    }//end switch
    }//end getDifficulty

    private static void startGame(String string) {
    //StringBuilder secret = new StringBuilder(string); // if you can compare a StringBuilder to a String then this is not needed
    String secret string;
    String word "";    
    //"word" = 1 dash for each char in secret until letter guessed correctly replaces a dash
    for(int i 0secret.length(); i++){    // display dashes for length of word
    word += "-";    
    //System.out.print(word); //test
    StringBuilder guessedWord = new StringBuilder(word);
    System.out.println(guessedWord); // print number of dashes for word
    //-------------------BEGIN GUESSING----------------------------\\        
    int numGuesses 0;
    char guess;
    ArrayList<CharacterlettersGuessed = new ArrayList<Character>();
             while (
    secret.equals(guessedWord) == false && numGuesses 6){ // while you did not win or lose
    System.out.print("Guess Letter: ");
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
    guess scan.next().charAt(0);
    int i 0guessedWord.length(); i++){        //check if letter has been guessed
    if(guessedWord.charAt(i) == guess){    //if letter is in word more than once then print statements will print more than once. BUG
    System.out.println("You Already Guessed This Letter!");
    System.out.print("Guess Again: ");
    guess scan.next().charAt(0);    // if letter is guessed already this will assume player guesses a new letter next turn. BUG
    lettersGuessed.add(guess);//add letter to letters guessed
    for(int i 0guessedWord.length(); i++){    // check for letter in word
    if(guess == secret.charAt(i)){
    //end for
    System.out.println(guessedWord);//print new guessedWord after checking for letter in word 
    if(secret.indexOf(guess) == -){    //if letter not in secret then numGuesses goes up by 1 and while loop continues
    System.out.println("Incorrect Guesses: " numGuesses);
    System.out.println("Secret: " secret);
    //end while
    if(numGuesses == 6){
    //end startGame


    private static void endGame(boolean won) {
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
    System.out.println("Great Job, You Won!");
    System.out.print("Would You Like To Play Again? Y or N: ");
    char playAgain scan.next().charAt(0);
    playAgain == 'y' || playAgain == 'Y'){
    System.out.println("You Lost! Better Luck Next Time!");
    System.out.print("Would You Like To Play Again? Y or N: ");
    char playAgain1 scan.next().charAt(0);
    playAgain1 == 'y' || playAgain1 == 'Y'){
    //end else
    }//end endGame
    }// end class 
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