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Thread: First time poster looking for help accessing a variable from a separate class.

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    Default First time poster looking for help accessing a variable from a separate class.

    A quick introduction,
    I am very new to java programming, i have only taken an intro java course at my university. Since then i have been trying for the most part to teach myself. My way of doing this was to create a bare-bones black jack program and slowly build upon it as i learn. I had a working code, but it was sloppy and only used the main method. Since i've learned a little more about method calls, i've been trying to break my existing code down into organised classes and methods.

    With that said,
    the current issue i am running into now is implementing a variable that exists in another class. now i know i am supposed to create an object of a class before i can use it, but the class i am trying to call is already made into an object by "main" and creating a second object in a different class causes undesired effects.

    Keeping in mind that i am very new and have limited knowledge of programming, i would like to find a work around for this issue. I'm taking baby steps right now.

    Here's the code that is causing my issue (i can post more of the code if needed, also i will attach the source package).

    public class DealCard
        Deck  deck = new Deck();
        Random generator = new Random();
        boolean recieved;
        boolean pHasAce=false;
        boolean dHasAce=false;
        int dAce=0;
        int pAce=0;
        int card;
        int a=0;
        int b=0;
        boolean[] dealt = new boolean[52];
        public void dealDealer()
                recieved = false;
                while (!recieved)
                    card = generator.nextInt(51);                               
                    if (dealt[card]==false)
                        deck.dealerHandCard[a] = deck.deck[card];   
                        deck.dealerHandValue[a] = deck.value[card];
                        if (deck.value[card]==11)
    public class Printers
        public void printPlayerHandString()
            System.out.print("Player has ");
            for (int i=0; i<DealCard.b; i++)
                System.out.print(playerHandCard[i]+" ");


    black jack package.zip
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    Default Re: First time poster looking for help accessing a variable from a separate class.

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    Default Re: First time poster looking for help accessing a variable from a separate class.

    One way is to have setter and getter methods that return the variable. Another, less efficient, way is to simply make the variable public and call it using the class object.

    JavaClass jc = new JavaClass();




    Your DealCard.b isn't working as that only works that way with static variables, variables that are the same for all objects of that class.
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