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  1. Getting an input from a difficult to read file
  2. How do I read a file best?
  3. student database
  4. New to Java and not sure how to start my assignment using scanner, length method, and substring method
  5. How to count the lines of code in a class and a method?
  6. Reading data from Atmega microcontroller
  7. Localhost
  8. Writing to a text file
  9. How to make user create playinglist and add song on it?
  10. Input error. Program skips several lines of code during execution.
  11. Saving Many, Possibly Overlapping Files Asynchronously
  12. Difficulty in creating/writing to a file (also, with reading file with data)
  13. convert characters while writing into outputfile
  14. Getting user input and storing it into an array
  15. Reduce the image comparison time
  16. Making a doorbell
  17. How to convert byte array to zip file