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Structured Programming
Assignment 1
Complete the following tasks in Java using NetBeans.
Create a class Employee.
In class Employee, add the ID, name, date of birth and salary as data members of the appropriate types.
Create a method called raise that will return nothing and receive an integer number as an argument. This method will use the argument it receives as a percentage for employee’s raise and change its salary according to that. For example if the integer argument value was 10 then the employee is receiving a 10% raise and hence if his/her salary is 10,000 SAR the new salary will become 11,000 SAR.
Finally write a method print that will print all the employees data in a single line separated by ‘-‘.

To test your class you will need to create a new class with a main method and create at least three different objects with different data and uses the two methods above to update the salary and print the information of the employees.